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Let's Party

Our Services

  • Custom invitations that meet your exact needs and we can add in your unique personality and style. Find all the information on our services page.
  • We have a number of semi-custom invitations that have the design already created, but we work with you to get the wording, and sometimes colors, just how you like. You can find those in our shop.
  • We have cute greeting cards for different occasions and events. You can find all of these in our shop.

About the Designer

Allison Murray is the owner of Decaffeinated Design. A year ago, she left her corporate job to pursue her passion in the arts. She has always loved design, and is living her dream to be able to help others with the designs of their cards and invitations. She named the company Decaffeinated Design because she has struggled with social anxiety. Coffee always made her anxiety worse and unfortunately is a coffee addict! Luckily there is such thing as decaffeinated coffee which she drinks daily. She wants to help others leave the anxiety behind when it comes to their stationery needs. Wedding, shower, or party, she will help give your guests a taste of the event to come while adding your personal style and taste into the invitation.



Allison designed, illustrated, and printed our beautiful Christmas cards this year. She does amazing work!

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