I’m Allison, owner and designer of Decaffeinated Design. There are probably a couple things you want to know about me.

Why am I qualified to build your brand?

I haven’t always been a graphic designer, but I have worked for big brands such as McCormick spices and Mars (the candy company). I understand the importance of branding because it’s the personality you showcase to your past, current, and future clients. I worked in sales for these companies for seven years until I realized that I wanted to have more of an impact in the work I was doing. After leaving Mars, I studied graphic design everyday for at least eight hours a day. I have been drawing cartoons my whole life and learning software programs so it came somewhat naturally. Flash forward to today where I am working with many small business owners, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love having a tiny part in helping others start their passions just as I had.

Why is your business called Decaffeinated Design?

When I first started my business I had terrible social anxiety. I was looking for ways to fix this problem and multiple articles said ditch the caffeine. As someone who loves the taste of coffee, this was difficult, so I made the switch to decaf and tea. While giving up coffee didn’t completely fix me, it was a turning point in my attitude towards life. I started going to networking events and putting myself out there which is was actually fixed my anxiety (it’s like a muscle the more social you are, the better you get at it). Now, I relate that back to the business. I’m here to create delicious designs without the jitters.