How to design your business card

How to design your business card

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A business card is your first impression when showcasing your brand. It can say a lot about the work that you do. It can also be lost within a stack of hundreds of other business cards. Of course, your own personality has a big impact on whether someone wants to work with you or not, but you can seal the deal with a stellar business card. The good news it doesn’t take much. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure your design looks good on your business card.

Decide what information you want on your card

You want to keep it minimal. You can overwhelm someone with too much information. The point of a business card is to allow someone to contact you if they need your services. I would stick with your name, business name, logo, email address, phone number, and website. If you must, you can add your social media handles, but I would stick to one.

Next you want to decide on colors and fonts

If you already have a brand, then you shouldn’t have to think too hard here. When working with a graphic designer, we usually give you the fonts and colors you should use in any situation. If you didn’t work with a graphic designer, I would stick to a couple of rules.

Make sure there is a hierarchy with your font choices. Important information should be a different and probably bolder font than the rest of your information. You can see in the Bar Chiefs example we made his name a different and bold font and also a different color.

For colors, make sure the colors go well together. You can use tools such as Adobe Color. You pick your main color and sort through the different options. The options I would stick to are triad, complementary, and triad. You can also go to the explore tab, type in any word or inspiration, and Adobe will spit out attractive color palettes for you to use. Don’t feel obligated to use all five options! Actually I would encourage you to only use two or three.

Now it’s time to put all the pieces together

There are two really important aspects of how you layout your business card.

The first is alignment of all the pieces. The “rule” is you want to keep it consistent on each side. If you centered your name, you’ll want to center everything else underneath of it. Same goes if you right or left aligned it. If you had everything aligned differently, it would be hard for the reader to find what’s important quickly.

The second is how much space you leave around the edge. I like to keep at least an 1/8th of an inch. Most printers will also require a bleed. This is where you have the design go past the allotted space of the card, so they can print over and cut. That way your card is inked all the way to the edge. Now there are exceptions to this. Something I like to do with clients is have their logo bleed off the page. But you want to be sure you commit if you’re going to do that. The key is to make bold moves if you’re not going to follow the typical “rules.”

Last step is to have some fun with it and feel free to get creative

My style is bold and minimal and I stick to that with most business cards that I create. But you can have fun with it and get wild. There are some very creative business cards out there and they definitely help you get noticed.

Do you have more questions about business card design? Feel free to reach out and we can talk about it!

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