Dsrt & Mtn Clothing

A clothing line specializing in outdoor sights in Arizona and the Southwest. They are a local company using local screen printers, artists, and vendors. I wanted these pictures to not only highlight the hats, shirts, stickers, but also the lifestyle. I wanted viewers to see themselves outside with this gear on.

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A boutique fitness studio based in Phoenix, AZ. Each of their fitness classes is specifically designed to fire up strength, ignite your endurance, and enhance your mobility. I wanted the pictures to showcase the energy of the classes and the knowledge of the instructors.

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Millennials In Business

A networking event for young business owners. It’s an event where you can be yourself and make valuable business connections. I wanted these pictures to showcase the strong connections made while being your true self. It doesn’t matter what you wear or what you do, it’s about building a bond with others.

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